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Today is the Day

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Well, I'm leaving today! In exactly 10.5 hours I will be sitting on the plane, getting ready for take off. I cannot fathom how the past few months, days, or even hours have flown by and brought me here. Everyone keeps asking me if I'm excited, I am, but it's weird. It's almost as if its not really happening. I felt this way when I went to Thailand. It didn't hit me until I was sitting on Khoa san Road at 1am and looking shell shocked! It usually doesn't hit me until I'm there, and I see the change. It's weird!!

But in any case, I have my stuff all packed and sorted and every possible thing you can think of, done. Today I'm just going to sit back and relax, watch a last bit of wonderful north american telly, and enjoy my day! I love night flights for that reason, you get the whole day at both ends! I arrive in London at 10am tomorrow. (5am EST)

Thanks to everyone who sent well wishes! I'm really sorry I didn't get a chance to see some people before I left. Time has definatly been an enemy!

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My New Home

Here's a picture of where I'm living in Southampton from Google Earth, that thing is so cool!! (theres a little yellow dot in the pic that shows the house!)


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Crispy Crunch Shooters Are Good :-)

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Saturday night was a blur of hello's, shots, cosmos, hugs, pictures, and eleni dancing with a cosmo in her hand at all times! I had a great time and was glad that some of my friends showed up and had a chance to meet eachother before I leave! (esp thanks to the girls from brampton for making an appearance, much appreciated)

Heres Eleni, me and Andriana before we left

the girls.jpg

Angela, melissa, laura, me and emily

the girlss.jpg

Here is Myself and Andriana with Vincci and Michelle (who Rich and I met in thailand, so that was awesome of them to come!!)

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This is me with Andrea and Trish. Andrea and I worked together at Ryerson, and I was really glad to finally meet Trish whom I had heard so much about!

andrea, me and trish.jpg

Andriana, myself and Anil (we ended up club hopping that night, although I haven't the foggiest idea of where we were in this picture! lol)


My friend Oscar from waaay back, we hadn't seen eachother in 4 years!! Nice to catch up again.

Me and Oscar.jpg

And of course, my lovely bestfriend Eleni who planned everything and (along with Andriana) made my night wonderful. Is that a cop on a horse eleni?!? quick get your camera!!

me and eleni.jpg

Me, all cocktailed up and having a great night. I haven't socialized that much in ages! LOL

me after a..cktails.jpg

So Sunday I (in a hungover state) hung out at my dad's house and went to see my brothers hockey game (which was soo cute!!). Now its back to work for another 2 weeks until I leave. Time is moving rather quickly and before I know it, I'll be at the airport saying goodbye to my family and heading off to (an excited) Richard in the UK.

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Packing Up My Whole Life!

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I spent all weekend packing, and packing, and packing. I never realized how much I have accumulated over the years. It's so hard to decide what to bring and what to leave. I don't know about anyone else, but i am a clothing addict! It gave me a little bit of anxiety to add so much to the give away pile. Although the girls will have fun this weekend ransacking my giveaways... :-(

Here's a before pic of my Gram's room (shes away in florida for a few months) so I have been using it as a personal closet!


And here's after hours of sorting and crying over what to not bring...


Although, I have now realized that I still have to take things out of my oversized bags. Richard showed me pictures of flats and I cannot believe how tiny these places are!! I'm so in for it i know. Now I realize why he was astonished with the size of everything when he was here...lol..

So three weeks to go and I'm still running around trying to get so many things done. I am such a type A personality Organizer Maniac that I've made lists upon lists; to do still, to buy still, to pack still, to pay still, etc. I'm a nut. I guess I figure that if I plan everything to the tee - nothing will go wrong.

Of course I've factored that into my lists as well...!

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A Passport Nightmare

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I had a situation of sorts with Canada Post and my passport. The thing i was most nervous about happened. They delivered it to the wrong person. I checked the tracking site online one evening because I was expecting it soon, but to my horror it showed that the package, containing my passport (with my UK Visa!!), and all my, my father's and my grandfather's birth documents, had been delivered to someone else.

There was a picture of the signature on the website and I sat there dumbfounded, not recognizing it at all. I went into panic mode of course! The next day basically hounding Canada Post and going to the mail distribution centre in addition to calling the british embassy to start an investigation. Noone could answer who the question I kept asking...Who was it delievered to?

I just bought my plane ticket a few days days before, after getting confirmation of my approved visa. Of course, I tend to think the worst in situations just to cover any shock value but I envisioned a long process of re-issuing my passport and birth documents ahead. The thought was not very comforting.

To make a long story shorter, I raised hell with Canada Post and got a hold of the supervisor who probably freaked out on the carrier and Voila! My package was delivered right away to my work. I was told it WAS delievered to the wrong person and they, being good people, had dropped it off at the distribution centre the day before.

In any case the investigation is being continued, mostly because the british embassy in Ottawa weren't very pleased at the mix up. Chalk it up to someone having a bad day I suppose.

At this point I'm all ready to get on that plane. I have some packing left do and some minor arrangements but I'm so excited! Eleni's planning a going away soiree for me in a few weeks downtown so I'm excited to have all my friends together and have one more fantastic night together.

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Well folks, its offical... Yesterday I received an email from the british consulate saying my visa was approved!!! yay to me that I now have 4 years to live in the UK! I really cant believe how quickly they responded. I completed and paid for it on tuesday, mailed it all wednesday, they got it on thursday and I received approval on friday. I was expecting at least 2 weeks for the whole process at a minimum. Well anyways, the point is I got it and im going. I couldnt buy my plane ticket before I got word so im going to purchase that this week. I've been doing mad research on tickets not only for price (yay for one way tickets!) but baggage allowance.. Ahh yes..the foreboding dark shadow hanging over my head reminding me that i will probably give up 3/4 of what I own during this whole process. That in itself is a whole other blog of a story to tell.

Its odd really becuase it feels suddenly like Im really going. This isnt like my trip to southeast asia for a few months, this is permanent. Im getting a real sense of how different my life is about to become although im really looking forward to the change. Thats one thing i learned about myself in Thailand, I like change. I liked getting use to somewhere new, which we did often, and I accustomed myself rather quickly. I am getting a little nervous about finding a job when i get there. Its daunting to try to find work when your not familiar with anything. Ah well, I'll have Rich to lean on and make me good meals, and cups of tea! (thank god that man can cook!) so I will be in good hands!


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Two months to go!

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Well I thought I would get a jump start on setting up this blog so that I can track my travels once again. For those of you that don't know, im moving to Southampton, England in March. I can't give a definate date at the moment because i'm waiting for my UK Ancestry visa and then i can book my flight. Although im looking at around March 21 tentatively.

There are so many details that I have to sort out!! shipping, banking, travel insurance,packing, as well as giving away TONS of stuff, OHIP details, renewals of various cards, saying goodbye and finally getting on the plane! I'm super excited about this as well as totally daunted by the magnitude of it all. Ultimately though, i can't wait to get there and explore. And of course find a job :-( I'm already planning trips to Prague, Italy and Amsterdam. Totally ahead of myself of course. I can't believe how economically easy it is to manouver around Europe. I mean it costs a fortune to even fly from Toronto to Vancouver here.

I think the reality of this all has started to catch up with me as of late. Nothing makes you appreciate your own country more then the prospect of leaving it. Even though the conservatives won :-( Thoughts of not having KD, Aero bars, twinkies, Aveeno, digital cable, and easy to use banking.....arghhh!!

But don't get me wrong, I'm really looking forward to moving to England. The biggest reason of all, to live with Richard! A relationship where you live 5000 kms apart is not really the ideal thing.It will be fun to explore where he lives and meet his friends and family.

Anyways, keep tuned in to hear more about all the trials and tribulations of my international move!


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