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Paris Trip booked!

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I've been apprehensive about blogging lately as since I've been here a year I'm not sure if that qualifies me as a traveller anymore. Ideally I would like to create my own website and just randomly post about whatever and show my pictures and what not. Of course this takes time and effort as I'm not very technical when it comes to html formatting. Eventually I will find some time...or someone who is! So until then as I've searched around for other blog sites, I shall remain here as this is the best I have found to post pics.

Lately I've just had my head in the books and have been tackling my studies. It's proving to be alot of motivational work on my part to keep at it rather then just do something else..anything else! But I'm enjoying what I'm studying so I'm trying to perservere. I've managed to find an invigilation centre in Basingstoke which is just outside London. The university has approved them and I'm good to go. Well almost...I have to finish the work first!

I've started trolling the website Facebook in the past couple weeks....oh my god I'm addicted! It's like walking into a virtual room and seeing everyone you used to know from school, past jobs, and random places....it's quite amazing.

Rich and I went to the harbour Lights Theatre a couple weeks ago. It's just a small place with 2 theatres and they play alot of old movies. We watched Ferris Buellers Day Off which is a great film. The theatre is down by the harbour..hence the name lol. It's a really nice area called Ocean Village where all the boats dock.




We ended up walking around town that day as it was a beautiful crisp day. This is what I love about not having a car sometimes. It's a hassle at times but you have to bite the bullet and just walk everywhere instead. If I drove I don't think I would take the time to walk across town and enjoy the day by foot. This of course comes from years of having a car and being lazy!

Last week I decided to give up my mangy cell phone that I got when I frist arrived. I had bought it second hand and thought it would only be temporary as I just needed something quickly at that time. Almost a year later and I've still been using this phone. The battery slips off and the phone shorts out too often in the middle of long text messages. It's scratched and old looking to the point I was embaressed to use it in public! So I broke down and bought a new phone. It's not that I didn't want to but rather I see it as something that is a necessity to have but an indulgence nonetheless. Of course I had to buy something pretty! I got a new Motorola Razer..look so pretty compared to the old one!


The weather is so weird over here. This week it started to get lighter in the evenings..almost like winter is over already. It's been really nice..around 10 degrees! Nice as I know in Canada it's lots of snow and cold as heck.

Well more on the travel front...we've booked a trip to Paris!! We're going for a 3 days the last weekend in May. Rich's work organizes trips all year long to cities around Europe. They have great packages and reduced rates for staff and partners. So we managed to book a great weekend in a 3 star hotel in the city with tours to the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, river trips, etc. It should be fantastic. I'll have to start using the french language pack that Rich got me at Christmas so I can at least make an effort! Damn I wish I had paid more attention when I was getting free classes all through school! At least I know the basics so that should help.

So now another month or so and our trips will begin and I'll start to feel like I'm using my geographical location to my advantage!


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