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Trip home to Canada

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It's only been a few days since I've been back in England and I'm still catching up on my sleep and getting over my jet lag. Note to self: Always take the next day off when you fly 5000km's across the world.

Richard and I spent the last 2 weeks at home in Toronto. Well in T.O, Oakville at my dads and Brampton at my mom's. Richard's favourite saying was "This is the Ashley & Richard publicity tour". It did feel like that at times because we weren't there long enough to just relax and chill out for very long. I can't complain though because it was nice to be back home and see my family and friends.

The flight to Toronto was brutal as for some reason we both got really congested and it seemed to take forever. We were so glad to see my mom and my sister Jenn, and even more happy to hear that Swiss Chalet was being picked up and meeting us back at the house! Way to long since I had that! We were both so shattered that we barely ate and said a few hellos before we were crashed out.

The next day we went to my dad's house for the weekend. Rich was really jet lagged still so he ended up taking a nap when we got there. Poor guy. We went and watched my brother Jamie's hockey game which was great, they're playing so much better then the last time I watched a game!

After a good sleep and lie in we all headed up to Niagara falls on Saturday afternoon. It was rainy and cold but that's nothing new living in England! We looked around the shops in Niagara-on-the-lake and then went to the falls so Rich could have a good look before it got dark. The falls are definately a must see on the tourist circuit and even though I've been quite a few times now, it's still quite beautiful.

Canada Nov 2006 0431.jpg

Canada Nov 2006 045.jpg

Canada Nov 2006 048.jpg

Rich & Jamie at the Harley Davidson store

Canada Nov 2006 052.jpg

After a sweet indulgent trip to the Hershey store and a stroll down the strip we headed to have dinner at a yummy Italian restaurant. I'd say we were quite tired by then but we ended up getting back to Oakville in time to see my youngest sister, Megan, play hockey. I hadn't seen her play in a while since the last few games I'd been to had been my brother's but she was good! It's cool that she's such a girly girl but also plays hockey.

The next day my Dad and Michelle had the family over for the afternoon. It was really good to see everyone and have a chat. My little cousin, Emily, is such a doll as you can see.

Canada Nov 2006 058.jpg

The whirlwind continued as my Aunt Susie & Mike dropped us off at my Grams place in Toronto on their way home. It was nice to be back at home with my Grams as that's where I've lived the past 4 years or so before I came to England. My old bed and some of my stuff...felt good.

We finally managed to have a chill out day the next day. I didn't get out of my PJ's and just lounged around and caught up on the TV show Entourage. Man I love that show! We watched movie after movie, Oprah and soaps. Everything I miss over here. My grams made a big pot of curry and Roti and that's all we ate all day. She makes the world's best curry ever.

The next day we got up early and went downtown to be tourists. Kind of lol. I dragged Rich to the Eaton Centre so I could shop and shop. We walked down Yonge and around Dundas square, had a massive delicious breakfast at Fran's, and went to the CN Tower. We were lucky that we managed to get there and see it before it was dark out! After the CN Tower we had plans to meet my friends at a restaurant on the Danforth
for dinner. Richard hadn't met any of my friends the last time he was in Canada as it was Christmas and of course a hectic time for everyone. I was so excited as I missed them all so much!

Canada Nov 2006 081.jpg

Canada Nov 2006 080.jpg

Canada Nov 2006 068.jpg

Canada Nov 2006 067.jpg

Dinner was great and everyone had a good time. I found it so relaxing to sit around and chat with all my girls and have Rich amuse them all. We ended up staying for hours and then having a good chat with Heung on the Subway home!

Canada Nov 2006 106.jpg

Canada Nov 2006 108.jpg

The next day was another chill out day with my grams. My mom came to pick us up on Thursday midday and we went back to Brampton. I finally went to Wal-mart, what a dangerous place! We have Asda over here which is owned by Wal-mart, but it's so not even close to the same. You cannot get everything you need in one place over here.

On Friday evening my girlfriends from school came over. Jenn brought her beautiful baby over and we all cooed over her for hours. She's so damn cute Jenn! It was awesome to catch up with them. I love that we've known eachother going on almost 20 years for some of us (OMG!!) and we all can get together and it's like nothing's changed, but so much has! Poor Rich as the only guy in the room, but he loved hearing all the stories and girly chat. We did some crazy things growing up.

Saturday we got up and went over to Eleni's for the afternoon and evening. Eleni cooked us a big fat greek meal and we sat around and ate and drank wine. Rich was in food heaven as he couldn't stop raving about Eleni's cooking. (Of course Evil!) Eleni's sister Christina met her dramatic match that evening as they kept us amused with their crazy antics. It was sad to leave Eleni as I miss her like crazy being over here, especially with her being engaged and planning a wedding! but she has promised to come and visit me and I will hold her to that!

The tour continues........Sunday morn at my mom's we all got up and went down to the Air Canada Centre to watch a Maple Leaf's practice. it was a charity event so they had Mascots from all the sports teams accross Canada playing hockey. Too funny. Rich has become an honourary Canadian now as his new love is hockey. I must be the only Canadian around that isn't that bothered with the game! Still, the practice was cool to see.

Canada Nov 2006 124.jpg

Canada Nov 2006 137.jpg

Canada Nov 2006 128.jpg

Canada Nov 2006 157.jpg

In the afternoon my mom cooked an early Christmas Turkey dinner for us and my grams and family friends came over to feast. I was stuffed literally. My mom cooks the best turkey dinners...hopefully that will tide me over until my next visit home!

unfortunately that evening I seemed to be overcome with what I thought was allergies. I was in bed early that night. When I come home it turned into a full blown cold that I'm still getting over. You can't have a trip home to Canada in the winter without a cold right.

The next day I was still feeling crappy but managed to go back to wal-mart to stock up on some goodies to take home. That evening rich and I, Trace and jenn and Brad went to see Saw 3. We had watchedthe first 2 movies while we were there so it seemed like a good idea. That movie was disgusting and I spent most of it with my eyes covered. Soooo much more gory then the other ones!

I was back to bed early that night and stuffed up on meds hoping to feel better for the trek home the next day. Of course that wasn't the case. I spent most of the last day of my holidays with a box of kleenex!

As I packed our suitcases we were a little concerned that our bulging bags wouldn't make the baggage allowance. We were sooo right. They nabbed us at the airport with a hefty overage fine. I was soo not happy about that! The guy at the ticket counter seemed nice enough about it as he ended up giving us an extra seat! The flight home was better then arriving as at least we sat together this time (we were seperated on the flight there!) and I was able to lay down and sleep a little. I had forgotten that the flight home was quicker as we are going with the current. It seemed like I just fell asleep and arrived back in England.

When we arrived back in England, we got our luggage and got to the train platform and stood there sleepily waiting for the train to bring us back to Southampton. All of a sudden a man came over the loud speaker to say there were train delays to Reading (thankfully not our way!)...reason being that a train struck a Cow! Rich and I just looked at eachother with a snicker and he said, "Yup we are definately back in England."

Good trip, fantastic to see everyone and Thanks to all for making it great. Hopefully it's not too long before I come home again. xxx

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