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We've been in our new flat 2 weeks already and we're so loving it. I just cannot live with other people..it may have been cool when I was younger but not anymore when your tired from work and all you just want is to come home and chill out and cook dinner. Now we have the whole kitchen to ourselves! I must say that I have felt a million times better then last 2 weeks then I have the last 3 months. I even love my walk to the train station and my train ride to work everyday. It's only about 10 minutes, but it's nice and relaxing. I love how they have trains instead of subways in Southampton, it's so English. Theres something so romantic about stepping off the train when the whistle blows and there's tons of people in suits with briefcases coming home from most likely their London commute everyday. I find it almost old fashioned, espeically since the stations aren't very modern. They mostly still have their old fashioned styles.

Our flat is on the ground floor of an old Barristers office. Its really quaint with a big kitchen, well big for an English flat and nowhere near comparison to any kitchen at home. We have one living area and one bedroom. The flat itself is fairly small, I couldn't even imagine seeing something this size at home at all. But its more then enough space at the moment for us. The sun doesn't directly hit it because its off the the backside of the house and thats a good thing because it's nice and cool inside during the heat wave we are having right now. The landlord just refurbished the building a couple years ago so everything is nice and new and clean. I love it! The only problem is that there is hardly any storage at all. We are still living out of suitcases unitl we can figure out some kind of shelving unit or something. Although the lack of space over here is suffocating sometimes I tell you. I'll never understand why they don't build closets as a standard..IN the wall...not just use wardrobes that take up half the space of a room! But what can you do really. Theres nothing like opening the bathroom door and hittng the toilet against it lol. We went to a wicked housey store last weekend and I managed to find a shelving unit for under the sink in the bathroom because there aren't any cupboards or anything. ... we lugged it home, well Rich did actually haha, and it fit perfectly beside the sink. I was well happy about that find.



Sorry about the mess! This was our first day in the flat!


Look how tiny our fridge is!! I have to bend over to get something in it! lol


Last weekend we went to the Southampton Common which is a massive park area to watch the football match. Southampton was picked by the BBC as 1 out of 5 cities in the UK to host a big screen TV in the park for the match. It was amazing..thousands of people gathered the hot Saturday afternoon to watch England lose a heartbreaking game to Portugal. Let me tell you I didn't advertise my portuguese roots at all that day! England fans are quite serious and passionate about their football...even more
so then Canadians are about hockey I would say. It got quite rowdy after the game ended and everyone was gutted about the loss. We high tailed it out of there and headed home. I must say I have gotten into the football...or soccor as we call it..quite alot this World Cup. I'm the one looking to see when the games are on and saying we have to watch them and Rich just says ..ya ok!! Happily and quite surprised since I'm not really a sports fanatic at all to say the least. Although I do love my basketball...which i miss watching over here! Of course it doesn't hurt to watch David beckham at all ;-)




I'm happy to say we finally got a phone the other day but unfortunately we don't have internet connection yet as I'm writing this in an internet cafe. I thought Rogers Cable was difficult, thats nothing compared to the monopoly that is British Telecom over here. We are trying to get signed up with a service that gives us free broadband with the phone plan we want. The plan gives us unlimited international calling to quite a few countires, including of course Canada. Of course there is a almost 2 month waiting list to be connected for the internet and 3 week
backlog to get the phone plan hooked up. Arghhh!! Being without the internet at home is really constricting. At least I can check my emails at work so it's not so bad.

My birthday is coming up next week. It's funny how when I was young I would count down the days out of excitement and now I dread the days knowing I'm another year older! Ah well it's just another day, but one that I can at least sneak out of work a little early on so thats good! I know quite a few people who share my birthday and those who are around the day...so Happy Birthday to everyone!

I will try to blog soon, unfortunatly with the lack of connection at home they might be few and far between for awhile. Will do my best!

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