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My last post was discouraging to say the least. After that another crappy thing happen to me. Last sunday I was enjoying the most yummy Indian curry i've ever had, while having a lazy relaxing day. After I finished eating I went to floss my teeth (don't laugh, it's a little obsession of mine lol) and I looked in the mirror and was in shock. Somewhere between the Chicken Calabar and the Chicken Tikka Masala I had managed to chip a tooth!! I called Rich upstairs and was literally bawling my eyes out. I mean I had barely unpacked let alone find a dentist! And lets face it, England is not reknown for the dentistry!!

After a tearful call to my mom (a girl always needs to call her mom in a moment of despair, even if shes 5000Km's away!)and Rich trying to convince me I didn't look like a Pikey, I calmed down. The next day I got on the Canadian Expats website (which is my england bible these days)and got some good advice about fees and where to find a dentist. I called around I kid you not about 20 places all across Southampton. You definatly take for granted how easy it is to do things in your own country, thats for sure. I got such a varying amount of feedback and prices, my head was reeling. It looked like it was going to cost me between £60- £75 just for a consultation with the dentist, not to mention the costs of fixing the tooth. In addition, I was looking at about 2-3 weeks away for the earliest appointment! I had come to the conclusion it was my veneer that was chipped (yes I know im vain, got the massive gap filled years ago lol) During my research I had figured out that to replace it could cost me upwards of £200!! In a last ditch effort I tried a place up the road that to me looked a little dodgy being above a food market and all. I called and they told me it would only cost £20 for the consultation, and they gave me an appointmet the next day which made me even more leery because it was such a low price in comparison to the other places and they had something free so soon.

The next day I went early because I wanted to have time to scope the place out. I know it sounds silly, but I have a vivid imagination and a huge skepticism of any business that isn't trying to gouge you. I arrived and the place looked really clean and professional. check one. I was put in an exam room, clean again, nice un-dodgy people working. check two. They did leave me waiting like 20 minutes, but they are a verrrry small office and only have one dentist so I'll give them that. check three. The dentist arrived, and I explained my situation and showed him my chipped tooth. He's from France and immediatly asked if I speak french, being from canada. I replied very little even after taking it for years in school. He laughed and told me that he really respects Canadian dentistry practices and work and that he'd been to Montreal and Toronto many times. Gawd, people looove telling me where they've been in Canada like all the time. Hard to explain that they've probably been to more places then me in my own country!

Anyways back to my tooth. He confirmed it was my veneer that had chipped. He was honest and told me it would be extremely expensive to replace and that he would try to mend it instead. He looked at my teeth and was in complete awe of my "great Canadian teeth", he even called his hygenist in and pointed out things and said, "this is a fine example, look at this" I felt like an animal on display that just won first prize in a show! But it was nice. He seemed nervous to work on my teeth, which was kinda cute but not really! After everything was done he ended up doing a great job, you can't even tell there was a chip there. He ended up not charging me for it at all, just for the consult. Yay for being Canadian and getting free dental repairs!! At least all the money I spent on them at home paid off for once!!

You know it's funny how when things go wrong it's always a few things in a row and then as if the world is balancing itself out things start to get better. Im a huge believer in karma and I really believe that whatever you put out comes back to you eventually.

Another big announcement is that today I managed to get a bank account! I went to HSBC bascially because it's the only bank I recognized and its up the street from my house. I thought that because they have branches in canada it might be easier to get an account there. I had prepared myself for it being a difficult task after reading the expat forum and everyone's difficult experiences. I went in with just my passport, a visa bill with my england address and my Canadian drivers licence and they started off by doing a credit check on my Canadian address. The guy I was dealing with was thoroughly shocked when it came back that they could offer me a full account with a checking, savings and even overdraft! He told me that this rarely happens, and that I must have great credit at home, of course!! So I was really happy with that. It's so odd how little things, or sorry, things you have always thought are mundane and easy to come by can become things that bring you such independance and happiness in an unfamiliar environment.

Another great thing is when you get mail or packages! My mom sent Rich and I an easter package that contained lotsa yummy goodies and much needed Canadian kraft stuff. Got my wellies now so i'm well prepared!! My dad and Michelle sent my luggage and it arrived finally on monday from the clearing agent we hired. Very dusty and worse for wear, but damn I was glad to get them! All my drew barrymore and sex in the city dvds are back in my hands!! I was missing them sorely. We downloaded a program that allows me to watch them on the pc (since they are region 1 dvds and the uk is region 2) and we don't have a multi-region dvd player yet. So Rich gets the great honour of watching Pretty Woman for the first time and sitting through 50 First Dates and about 10 other Drew movies after that. I'm sure he can't wait.

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