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I had a humiliating experience yesterday in a shop. Rich just started a new job so I decided to venture into town on my own for the first time. I went primarily to do a little grocery shopping so I headed to ASDA(owned by Wal-Mart).

Since England is so damn difficult in their backwards ways sometimes, its really difficult for me to open a bank account. I need to have all kinds of things, and basically the luck of the draw. In any case, since I'm waiting for bank statements from home to arrive, Ive been using an account of Richard's that he doesnt use. I put all my Travellers cheques in there and I have the card. Ive been with Richard everytime I go to the shops and use it so I havent come across a situation where Id get into a jam with the fact it has his name on it.

On with the story, I was in ASDA and did some shopping and went to the checkout. The woman behind the cash was nice enough and asked how I was etc. I guess she heard my accent, and little did I know she'd be so devious. I went to pay with the card, mostly out of Interac habit at home. She took it and immediatly inspected the card as if she was looking for something wrong.

She says to me, "this the right card??" and without thinking i replied "yes". then as she says, "Your not MR Richard Read are you?" with empahsis on Mr and a slighltly sneering look at me. I looked up and was like "oh sorry thats my boyfriend's card, here il pay by cash" of course she couldn't leave it there right. She says to me in a hauty voice, "I don't know what it's like in other countries, but here you cannot use your Boyfriends card" I just looked at her, as she spoke loudly and my face went beet red. I was so insulted. She acted as if I was some illegal alien or something. She then calls over the manager and says to him even louder,"We're not allowed to use our boyfriends bank cards here are we?" The manager took the card and said that this was fraud and that they had to confiscate the card!!!

I was so damn pissed. Most people that know me, know my temper, I was fuming!! I convinced the manager to hold it for the evening instead of mailing it back to the bank, because of course it would have taken weeks to get another one! I told him Richard would come in after work and get it. He was adamant about him bringing in ID, passport, the works. I was just so humiliated I couldn't even make a snide remark about him actually being english, I just wanted to get out of there!!

So home I went basically in tears, Richard came home and then went down to the shop and got back his card. Telling them that they had no right to make me feel like a criminal, fact is, I had the pin number so obviously I had consent! They could have just warned me or something. Rich said they were quite surprised he had showed up, as if theyd already pegged me or something. They ended up apologizing to him and one manager told him to tell me to just use it at the bank machines to withdrawl cash instead to cause less problems! I find it insulting that they can offer that advice, but then be so stringent on embaressing me in public.

This has defianlty increased my desire to push forward for a bank account, as I got my statements coincidentally today. Thank God!!

Nothing much else new. Rich has been working, so I finished my CV and am going to start with the job stuff. My other luggage is arriving tomorrow so we'l have to take a trip to Heathrow Airport on Monday night to get it (theyre closed on the weekend!). I'm glad cuz im missing some clothing I packed in there!! lol.

Shock horror, one of the housemates asked if i could help him clean today! OK!! Hes having friends over tonight so he realized it needed to be done. But man when I start, I can't stop!! Needless to say the place is looking pretty spanking clean today. We'll see how long it lasts!!

I'm meeting Rich after work to have dinner at the pub down the road since the housemate is having friends over. Im craving some Yorkshire pudding. man that stuff is good. Im hoping they do roast dinners during the week, not just on sunday!!

On another note, we went and did some flat hunting the other day. Checked out a few places, some pretty dingy and small, one pretty damn nice. We're going to stay in Southampton for now I think, its easier then looking for jobs and a flat in London! We filled out some applications, so we'll see what happens. Not moving until the end of June, but it doesn't hurt to get start looking early! Im crossing my fingers anyways!

Beautiful day today, hasn't rained in like 2 days, so Im expecting a downpour at any moment. I know it seems like im obsessed with the weather here. But its so damn inconsistant it's hard not to mention it all the time! Doesn't matter, I never leave the house without my umbrealla now!

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ashley you better be carefull. you dont want the coppers with the funny hats chaceing you around. you no its hard to nide then you have such a funny acent.the bobbys will get you.take careluv T.D.

by timmer

Oh My God, that is ridiculous!If I were u I would write a letter to them, complain about the woman, claim you suffered emotional distress and see if they give you any free vouchers!!I had a ridiculous incident a few weeks ago, went to the corner shop for my cigarettes, was accused of buying them for the school boys and then accused of lying when i said they were for me!!!I said she couldnt refuse me, she then accused me of being 15 and demanded ID!!!i said this was absolutley ridiculous and I would get my cigarettes in the shop opposite, she then preceded to follow me out the door appologising and asking me to buy the cigarettes from her!!As if!!!

by Twinkle

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