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Well Ive not been up to much the past few days. I went to see the film "Failure to Launch" with Sarah Jessica Parker. It was alright, not great but of course since she was in it I can't be too negative lol. Went and did a big shop at the grocer's. note to self and others, do not shop on a saturday. especially in england since all the shops close at like 5pm during the week. Of course everywhere in most western countries are busy on saturdays at the shops, but not like here. And yes that bit above is true! Most stores close at 5pm during the week! Even the mall! Shocking to me it was. I mean if you work, and most people do lol, then how do you get anythign done?? well apprently thursday nights the mall, and I'm assuming the shops, are open till like 8pm. So I suppose it's liek a sturday...on thursday night. Following me? lol. Thank god I'm an unemployed bum atm or I wouldn't get anything done!

After shopping we came home and all of us in the house went down to the pub for a drink. Pretty much everyone is within walking distance to a pub around here. I felt like such a girl, an odd one at that, since they all ordered beer and I ordered a Pepsi. lol. It was like 4pm and I wasn't in the mood for wine, and, are you ready?.... I DO NOT DRINK BEER. Shock Horror. How can I be in England and not enjoy a nice Pint at the pub?? well I think I'll manage. lol. check this pic out, the mantra was awesome and I loved it.

March 29 009.jpg
Religions Change: Beer and Wine Remain

(for those of you who can't see. hahahaha)

only I would have a camera on me while mid-afternoon in a pub, AND take a picture lol.

2nd note to self and others. don't live with anyone you don't know ever. At this moment one of the housemates, which will remain nameless (male of course lol) is downstairs making the largest mess in the kitchen I have ever seen. dear lord. and no clean up on the horizon. poor rich comes up and says, "brace yourself ashley please" as I come down to get a bite to eat. nearly died I swear. All my parents would be proud of me and my cleaning craziness. I now realize what it was like to live with kids that don't clean up after themselves. lol.

here's a random picture of my street.

March 29 0081.jpg

Will write soon with more interesting adventures and tidbits!

p.s..today is the first day it didn't rain allll day! wow!

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